Quality Control

•    Achieving balance between an integrated quality control and requirements of ISO Certificate No. 9001: 2015.
•    Fulfilling the needs of the customers through reaching the highest quality Assurance level (AQL).
•    Accuracy and distinction in everything to achieve the requirements of customers and to get their satisfaction.
•    Provision of proper work environment and work conditions to implement the goals and achieve customers'    requirements.
•    Observing time value and work value.


 Quality Process 
•    Preparing fabric and regulating it on the specifications determined by the customer.
•    A report is to be made for every lot to detect problems prior to their occurrence and implement the instructions and requested specifications of the customer.
•    Relaxing fabric prior to cutting and not to stretch it at brushes.
•    After cutting, the cut mark is to be compare with its patron to make sure of the correct cutting.
•    Initial assortment phase which means making the piece parts perfect prior to operation.
•    Revising the piece after completing its operation and finishing.
•    Final revision quality and conformity of the piece with the original specimen submitted by the customer.
•    Audit phase and sampling according to the acknowledged table according to AQL ratio of the client.
•    The packing and packaging are to be revised upon the request of the customer.


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