Quality management system

  • With the rapidly increasing  in high awareness for the concept and requirements  of quality , Giza Company .Sadat Branch balances between its quality system and requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  • The company always seeks to establish and maintain a quality system determining the broad lines followed by the company in Operation and maintenance guaranteeing the implement quality policy of the company which conforming with customer requirements and its high performance rates.
  • In order to achieve such goal, the company
    • determines the operations . which need to implementation and effectiveness of quality system,
    • determines sequence and inner-interaction of such operations,
    • determines necessary standards and methods to make sure of the effectiveness of those operations,
    • makes sure of necessary information and resources to support the operations and to control the effectiveness of the businesses.
    • Controls, measures and analyzes such operations.
  • In order to implement the necessary actions to achieve the planned results and to continue the development of operations and products. quality system was established within Nile company to ensure that the products are in conformity with Standard: ISO 9001: 2015 and with International Standards.

Quality assurance system 

Giza Company.Sadat Branch. set up an accurate and effective system to control the quality of the products. Such system derives its elements from quality . control elements which are:

  1. Focusing on measuring and controlling product in general.
  2. Focusing on some important and effective points in the product quality tract such as (blending - drawing - Final product).
  3. Statistical analysis for product quality and operations quality to through collected data and analyzed   
  4. Final inspection for the product.
  5. The company follows quality trend system to know the extent of its conformity with the planned.
  6.  using  international standards to analyze products and to determine their conformity with established specifications.

Quality Policy 

  • Distinction in dealing with customers to get their satisfaction.
  • Depending on capable administration and trained qualified labor.
  • Leadership in finding distinguished work environment to achieve satisfaction and psychological stability for its employees and personnel.
  • Observing time and work value.
  • Confirming the principle of liability and accountability.





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